Stain Removal

While stain removal is probably the most desired element of rug and carpet cleaning, the cleaning process itself should be done professionally.

It’s important that you get a professional cleaning service to treat your stains. You don't want to ruin your carpet or rug by attempting to do it yourself, and you don't want to stain it further. When you get a professional rug cleaning company, you should ask them how they treat stains and marks.

You should also only use a rug cleaning company, not a carpet cleaning company to remove stains from a rug. This is because a rug cleaning company specialises in cleaning rugs, while a carpet cleaner uses their carpet cleaning methods and chemicals on your rug.

Benefits You Get From Our Sydney Carpet Stain Treatment Service

All stains and marks treated
✓ Prolongs the life of your carpets

✓  We always vacuum your rugs
✓  Specialised stain treatment
✓  Fast drying times

Rug & Carpet Stain Removal

Some stains and marks are permanent before a rug cleaning company arrives. There is a chance that the stain or mark may improve, but sometimes the damage has already been done.

It’s impossible to know whether a stain or mark can be removed until the cleaning process has been performed. While we can’t guarantee stain removal, and no reputable company will, we can guarantee that we will try everything possible within our professional expertise and experience to remove it for you.

Most stains and marks that we do treat are either completely removed or greatly improved, but there’s always a chance that the damage has already been done and there will be something remaining after the clean.

Carpet Stain Removal

It’s this honesty and professionalism that makes us an elite rug cleaning service, and the type that you want to be doing business with. Depending on the type of stain and the rugs material, we will most likely use our rug steam cleaning or rug dry cleaning methods to treat the stain. Contact us today to discuss your rug and make a booking for our professional rug cleaning service.

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How to Remove Stains from Carpet

Know how to remove stains from carpet is crucial for getting it back to its aesthetic appearance. Carpet and rugs are made of fibers and when they get wet, they become saturated and this creates a wet layer on the carpet. When it comes time to dry, moisture can seep into the carpet, creating a stain.

Carpet stain removal comes down to two things: Acids and Alkalines.

An acid or alkaline cleaner needs to be used in conjunction with the relative ph level and the type of stain present determines what type of cleaner is used.

  • Most soils are acidic in nature, so an alkaline-based cleaner would be the most effective choice. These types of cleaners can remove fats, proteins, oils, and greases from soils.
  • Acidic cleaners are commonly used to etch and can be used to remove mineral deposits or oxidisation on surfaces.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaners will likely make things worse, and make the work harder for the stain removal service that you hire. You will more than likely stain the carpet again with a home carpet cleaner. If you go this route, and you end up with a stain worse than before, it may cost more to fix that it could have originally.

Carpet stain removal treatment must be done immediately. It can be removed by using a carpet cleaning technique and here’s the process you should follow if a spillage occurs:

1. Scoop up any solids on the affected area.

2. Gently blot the affected area with cool clean water and a paper towel or microfibre cloth. Use a small amount of water on the cloth or towel.

3. Do not rub as this can spread the spillage and make it worse.

4. Soak up as much as you can to remove the spillage from the fibres.

5. Once you have soaked up as much of the spillage as you can, vacuum the affected area to try and remove the remaining soilage.

6. The affected area should be treated with a specialised cleaning solution. The one thats used is dependant on the type of material your rug or carpet consists of, as different fibres respond to different solutions.

We offer rug cleaning spotter bottles and kits that are specially formulated for treating spillages. You can purchase them outright or as an optional extra when we visit your home or business to perform a rug clean. We also offer lifetime refills for the spotter bottles when you have your rugs cleaned by us. This means that every time you hire our rug cleaning service, we will refill your spotter bottle completely free of charge!

Get The Best Stain Removal Service

Rug cleaning professionals will be able to give you a far better service than you will get yourself. Look for a rug cleaning company that offers you a guarantee on their services, and that offers you lots of cleaning options. This way, you’re dealing with a professional organisation that has the skills and experience to treat stubborn stains and marks.

When you think of carpet stains, you probably envision the unpleasant sight of your rug stained brown or black, and maybe even green, and those unfortunate stains will last for many months and can leave an ugly mark. Now that we have a clearer picture of what carpet stains are, let's take a look at some common ones that we can treat for you.

Carpet Stain Removal Service Sydney

Tea and Coffee Stains: These are probably the most common types of stains we see. Tea and coffee are tannins and also acidic in nature and can do some heavy damage to rugs and carpet. When spilt, they should be blotted and soaked up immediately to reduce the potential damage it may cause.

Rust Spots: This is a stain caused by something rusting, which turns into a spot when it's exposed to water. You'll notice as soon as the rust starts to turn color that the carpet will have a yellowish or brownish tint to it. It doesn't take long for rust spots to become visible and you'll see the stain developing, too.

Grease Stains: Grease is one of the most common stains and often overlooked. Grease stains are caused by the buildup of dirt and other substances and these contain fat, which eventually turns into oil. These types of stains usually get much worse over time because the stain is not cleaned and it gets exposed to dirt and grime from people walking over it.

Mold and Mildew Stains: Mildew and mold are both very difficult to remove from your carpet. Mildew and mold can spread very quickly on the carpet and the smell can be unbearable at times. It’s also extremely hazardous for you and your family’s health so it needs to be treated as soon as it’s discovered.

Oil Stains: Oil stains are similar to grease and can attract a lot of dirt through exposure. These stubborn stains can be challenging to remove and may need multiple methods to try and remove it.

Sometimes the stain doesn't show up until much later, or sometimes it's obvious even before then. Rug cleaning is a very necessary part of keeping your carpet clean and sanitary. We all know that clean rugs makes our homes a more attractive place to live, so rug maintenance is a crucial element for health and the aesthetics of a home.

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