Rug Washing Sydney

Rug washing is an effective rug cleaning method that involves the rug being submerged in a water bath and cleaned multiple times to flush out dirt and grime.

Rug washing services are great for heavily soiled rugs that need a deep cleaning method to get the best possible results. By their very nature, rugs are exceptionally large and heavy. This is especially true of the materials used for genuine Oriental rugs and Persian rugs.

A professional rug washing service gets deep into the fibres of the rug to remove dirt and debris from the little nooks and crannies. While there are situations where rug cleaning can be done in your home or business, rug washing needs to be done in a facility that has been purpose-built for washing.

If you want to know if your rug is suitable for rug washing and will benefit from it then contact us today and talk with our specialised staff.

Benefits You Get From Our Sydney Rug Washing Service

All stains and marks treated
✓ Prolongs the life of your carpets

✓  Water immersion process
✓  Cleans deep into the fibres
✓  Fights strong odours
✓  Dried in specialised drying room

Sydney Rug Washing Process

The rug washing process is done in a specialised facility and uses a lot of water. The rug will be submerged into a water pit and left there to soak for hours. Once this is done, the cleaning process will begin.

Carpet steamers would have to be used, but there will also be a cleaning solution involved. The rug cleaning professionals work quickly to make sure that everything is cleaned, dried, and prepared properly for best results.

The rug will be flushed multiple times and also cleaned using other methods such as rug dry cleaning to ensure that dirt and grime can be removed. Drying the rug is the most important part of the rug washing process and a specialised drying room will hold multiple rugs in an enclosed space when the air temperature and flow are heavily controlled.

Rug Washing Sydney

This ensures that the rugs are properly dried after being exposed to so much water, leaving you with a beautifully cleaned and fresh rug. If you want the best rug washing Sydney service then contact us today to arrange a booking. We will let you know if your type of rug and its condition is suitable for washing and send an expert rug cleaner around to pick up your rug.

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Getting The Best Rug Clean

When taking the time to send a rug into the rug washing service, there are several important considerations. First of all, the client will have to know precisely what they need. Not all rugs can handle going through the washing process, so it’s important that you understand why.

Some rugs are more delicate than others, and if they are damaged through the use of too much water, they may need to be completely replaced. Certain types of rugs are not designed to handle high levels of moisture, so they cannot be washed.

Secondly, the rug will have to be examined closely, as some parts of its structure may be compromised and weakened. These problem areas could get worse during the cleaning process so it would not be considered safe to use this method.

Sydney Rug Washing Service

After the carpet is in place, the professional rug washing service will need to clean the area carefully and thoroughly. During the last part of the rug washing process, the rug will be cleaned thoroughly. Then, it will be dried for a few days, after which it gets prepared to be delivered back to the customer.

Proper care and cleaning during rug washing make a significant difference to the longevity of the rug. The rug washing specialists will be able to point out any areas of concern, like possible stains or spots, which are likely to be hard to clean up, and which could be made worse by incorrect care.

The rug will also need to be treated with care, in order to protect the rug from issues such as dye bleed and cellulosic browning. Because of this, you can trust the professionals from Rug Cleaning Sydney to perform a proper and effect rug washing Sydney service for your rug. Contact us to arrange a booking and you can enjoy all the benefits of our amazing service.