Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney

Our rug dry cleaning Sydney service will come to you anywhere in the metropolitan area. Our rug dry cleaners in Sydney will come to you in any suburb to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug.

Our rug dry cleaning service utilises a low-moisture clean which means less potential damage to your rug and a much faster drying time than other methods. Our service treats all stains and marks in addition to hygienically cleaning and sanitising your rug to a professional standard.

Contact us today to arrange a booking and get your rug professionally dry cleaned by the best.

Benefits You Get From Our Sydney Rug Dry Cleaning Service

All stains and marks treated
✓ Prolongs the life of your carpets

✓  We always pre-vacuum your rugs
✓  Low moisture process
✓  Faster drying times

Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney Service

When you’re considering a rug dry cleaning service, there are two basic types of rug cleaning methods. One involves the use of a rug steam cleaner and the other involves the use of a rug dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning a rug involves high levels of heat and moisture. This can be very bad for certain types of rugs as they are not designed to handle these levels. Some rugs can only handle a low amount of moisture otherwise than can degrade or brownout extremely fast.

If your rug has natural fibers such as wool, silk, or cotton then these are much more sensitive to chemicals, heat, and high levels of moisture. This can cause permanent damage to the fibers over time, so you want a rug cleaning company that knows what they’re doing.

Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney

Rug dry cleaning is a low-moisture rug cleaning method that effectively treats stains and marks while also hygienically cleaning and sanitising. It’s an extremely effective rug cleaning process and quite often is the best method to use to get great results. We want to give your rug the best clean possible and we will know the correct method to use on your rug depending on its materials and fibres used in its construction. This is why you can trust the professionals at Rug Cleaning Sydney so make a booking with us today so you can enjoy all the benefits of our amazing Sydney rug dry cleaning service.

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What is Rug Shampooing?

Rug shampooing is another rug cleaning process that is different to rug steam cleaning. It’s different to dry cleaning and should not be confused. Shampooing rugs involves a foam that largely expands over the surface of the rug and leaves a lot of residual moisture. We do not do rug shampooing but dry cleaning rugs is often mistaken for it due to the appearance of the rug being scrubbed by a rotary brush.

Rug dry cleaning has a number of advantages over other rug cleaning methods. For one, it can be less risky than other methods because it uses very little chemicals and no harsh solvents to clean your rugs. It’s also much safer because most chemical substances used in this method are completely safe for use on fabrics and bedding.

Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney Service

But unlike dry cleaning, rug shampooing may not remove all of the dirt and stains. In fact, sometimes rug shampooing does not remove as much dirt as a good vacuum cleaner can achieve. This is why we only offer the best cleaning solutions and processes for our clientele so you can be sure that your rug is getting a high-level professional treatment.

Try Our Sydney Rug Dry Cleaning Service

Our rug dry cleaners will be happy to give your rugs the professional clean they need. The cleaning process is thorough and we always pre-vacuum your rug at the start of the service. We will then pre-treat and stains and marks it may have. This allows time for the cleaning solutions to work and make it easier to remove later. Some stains such as urine, tea, coffee, and wine tend to break down over time rather than being removed instantly.

After pre-treatment, we move on to the cleaning process. Dry cleaning rugs involves the use of specialised cleaning solutions and a rotary brush to agitate the solution. This activates it and they go to working to effectively clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug while leaving it fresh and looking better.

You too can enjoy all the great benefits of our Sydney rug dry cleaning service, so be sure to contact us to arrange a booking and we will come to you.