Our Rug Cleaning Process

There’s a lot that goes into Rug Cleaning Sydney and getting amazing results. The rug cleaning process must be carefully designed and tested to ensure that rugs are properly cleaned and great results are delivered. You may be wondering what the difference is between carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. Many carpet cleaning companies offer rug cleaning services, but they don’t specialise in cleaning rugs.

This means they have limited knowledge about the different materials, fibres, and constructions that go into making rugs, and this can result in you not getting the best rug cleaning service in Sydney. A carpet cleaner often uses the same chemicals for carpet cleaning on your rugs, regardless of the material or type of rug. This can lead to disaster, and you may end up needing a new rug as a result. Different materials require different levels of heat, moisture, agitation, and pressure to get an effective clean.

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The best rug cleaning companies know how these materials react, what to use, and when to use it. They know the correct mixture of cleaning solutions, how they will affect the rugs material, and how different types of stains need to be treated.

They will be able to recognise different fibres and know the correct method and procedure to use accordingly. Some fibres can't handle much heat or moisture, while others can handle a lot. Do you want someone to clean your rugs who uses a one-size-fits-all method, or do you want the best?

This is why you should only use professional rug cleaners to clean your rugs, and not other types of companies that offer rug cleaning as an additional service. We know how to clean a rug, and we’re specialist rug cleaners.

This means that we only clean rugs and use equipment and cleaning solutions designed for rug cleaning. Because of this, we can deliver amazing results and can clean any type of rug that we service.

Our Rug Cleaning Processes