Rug and Carpet Water Damage Treatment

Cleaning carpet water damage to your rugs can be tricky, and it is definitely not a do-it-yourself job. It will take a professional to handle this job, as there are multiple steps required to perform the task correctly and different machines and chemicals required to achieve a good result.

Water and humid conditions will cause the carpet to swell, get soft, and become damp and filthy. This condition is called water damage. In most cases, you can spot the damage by observing the condition of the carpet.

The affected area will also generally start to show dried water marks and mould growth fairly quickly. If your rug has been affected by water damage then you need to act immediately. Soak up as much of the liquid as possible using towels and cloths and then contact us to treat it so that the growth of mould and bacteria can be tended to.

Benefits You Get From Our Sydney Rug & Carpet Water Damage Service

All stains and marks treated
✓ Destroys bacteria and mould
✓  Carefull and controlled process
✓  Hygienic and sanitary clean
✓  Deodourising included

Rug and Carpet Water Damage Service

The first step to cleaning carpet water damage is to remove as much water as possible. The best way to do this is by extraction using a powerful machine with a vacuum. Professional water damage technicians have these machines, so the best you can do is soak it up using cloths and towels.

If you suspect water damage, you should contact a professional to get it taken care of. A professional will have the knowledge and expertise to come in and determine what needs to be done to try and rectify it and get the rug dry.

This gives you the chance to have it taken care of before mould, mildew, and bacteria starts to form. These issues are extremely hazardous for your health and needs to be treated immediately.

Carpet Water Damage Sydney

It’s important to know that water damage in rugs can cause the dyes to destabalise. This means that when the water damage is attempted to be rectified, that the colours in the dyes can bleed and run through the rug. This is enabled by the water damage and is not a result from our cleaning process. If this happens, it’s an inherit risk with performing water damage restoration on rugs and is not an issue caused by our service.

Contact us to arrange a booking and we will send a technician around to check your rug. We are the best rug cleaners in Sydney and know the best methods and techniques to apply in every situation.

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Rug Water Damage Cleaning

Rug water damage can be caused by a number of different factors. It is a situation that many owners find to be extremely frustrating. The best thing to do when dealing with rug water damage is to let the professionals handle it. This will ensure that the issue is dealt with immediately in order to prevent other problems arising.

There are a number of professionals that specialise in dealing with rug water damage and they can be your best option.
Sweep up any debris that may have come into contact with the carpet. This is especially true if the spill was accidental and the carpet was cushioned.

Most importantly, remember that rug water damage can be prevented by ensuring that it is dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, the carpet may end up with a bad odour and start growing mould and mildew.

Contact us to arrange a booking and we will come and treat your water damaged rug. We are the professionals and have the knowledge and expertise to perform a proper treatment.